Broad line radio galaxies (BLRGs) are rare kind of AGNs where the emission from the accretion disc is visible as well as the extended jet emission. Direct comparison of broad-band spectrum in BLRGs to those of Sy-1s provides important clue to understand the formation of relativistic jets. We propose a 160 ksec (40ksec x4) observations of the brightest BLRG 3C120 with Suzaku. Recent XMM and Beppo-SAX observations confirm remarkable spectral features including fluorescent Fe line. Our goals are three folds; (1) Monitoring the variability correlation between Fe line and the Compton reflection hump, (2) Precise measurement of total luminosity as a probe of various accretion states, and (3) Resolving excess soft components, warm absorber, and 6.9 keV line, which are still under debate.