We request a 100ks Suzaku observation of the bright Seyfert galaxy, MCG -5-23-16 simultaneously with approved XMM-Newton and Chandra HETG observations in December 2005. MCG -5-23-16 has one of the best known examples of a relativistically broadened iron K line. With a Swift-BAT flux of 1.6e-10 cgs (15-100 keV), it is one of the brightest AGN above 10 keV. The simultaneous observations will allow us to determine the shape of the broad relativistic Fe line after subtracting the narrow line components measured by HETG. Importantly, Suzaku's wide bandpass will accurately measure the broad-band continuum and reflection component of MCG -5-23-16, essential for constraining the broad iron line. These observations will also allow us to determine the temperature of the high energy cut-off.