A 100ks Suzaku observation of the NLS1, PG 1211+143 is proposed. Previous XMM-Newton and Chandra observation claimed both blue-shifted (0.1c) and redshifted (0.26c-0.40c) iron Kalpha absorption lines. The redshifted iron K lines may originate from matter falling onto the supermassive black hole. The high effective area and low background of Suzaku XIS above 5 keV will enable us to measure these relativistically shifted iron lines in PG 1211+143 with great accuracy. Constraining the time variability of the lines will allow us to determine the physical origins of the absorption, e.g. failed jet/outflow or gravitational redshift from a Kerr black hole. The excellent broadband capabilities of Suzaku will accurately determine the continuum, essential for modeling the iron K band.