We propose two 50 ks observations, one for each of two EGRET blazars, 1510-089 (OR -017) and 0836+710 (4C +71.07). Both objects show extremely hard X-ray spectra, with photon indices about 1.3. The blazar 1510-089 ($z = 0.361$) is among a few OVV quasars showing prominent soft X-ray excess. The blazar 0836+710 ($z = 2.172)$ is the brightest X-ray source among the high redshift ($z>2$) quasars, and its very hard X-ray spectrum extends down to soft X-rays. Studying spectral shape and variability in the soft X-ray band relative to variability in the mid X-ray and optical bands can help to reveal nature of the soft X-ray excess of unknown origin, and multifrequency variability studies can provide constraints on the structure of jets on subparsec scales.