Large-scale X-ray nebulae up to a few tens of kpc have been often found in starburst galaxies, which is thermally heated up by the superwind from the starburst nucleus. Iwasawa et al. (2003) found a large X-ray nebula up to 16kpc around NGC4388, which is photoiionized by Seyfert nucleus. Thus, this result suggests that the hard X-ray emission from active galactic nucleus could be a prime heat source of nebula. The goals of this observation are (1) to see how far the X-ray nebula is extended, (2) to obtain its precise X-ray spectrum, (3) to determine what is the X-ray emission mechanism, and (4) to exam if the photoionization by AGN could be a prime heat source of the galactic halo. We determine the photon index and the high energy cut-off of the power-law component from the HXD spectrum.