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latest update 12.8.2q Jun 18, 2015

Requires patch installer v4.6

To apply patches, you'll need to have downloaded and already built the source code distribution of XSPEC. For details about the patch installer including options available with the latest v4.6, click here. Otherwise, just follow the instructions below.

(Note: This assumes you have already set your HEADAS environment variables with the headas-init script, as you would if you were running XSPEC.)

To make sure your XSPEC installation is up to date with ALL listed patches:

1.    If you don't already have the patch installer tcl script (v4.6), download and place it in the XSPEC src directory. This directory should be at heasoft-[ver]/Xspec/src from the source code distribution.

2.    Download the latest patchfile into the same directory. There is no need to unzip/untar the patchfile since the installer will do that.

3.    At the command line, launch the script by typing 'tclsh patch_install_[ver].tcl', and that's all.

The script should detect which patches you've installed previously, copy the new code files to the necessary directories, determine whether complete or only partial rebuilds are necessary, and finally perform the rebuilds. Numbers listed in red indicate that the patch modifies the interface to one or more of XSPEC's libraries. These patches will generally cause longer rebuilds. If you have a local model library, it is recommended (though not always necessary) that you rebuild it with initpackage after applying red patches.

12.8.2a This adds the noWrite option to the PyXspec AllData.fakeit function. When the argument noWrite=True is passed to AllData.fakeit, fakeit will not generate any output data files. The function signature for AllData.fakeit is now expanded to:

def fakeit(self, nSpectra=1, settings=None, applyStats=True, filePrefix="", noWrite=False)

Report added on Jul 07, 2014.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSUser/Python/xspec/ PySpectrum.cxx, .h, and

12.8.2b The time dilation factor was being left out of the zagauss model. This patch also fixes a zagauss crash that was occuring during fits on Linux platforms. Our thanks to Yuan Liu for pointing this out. Report added on Jul 31, 2014.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ calcGaussianLine.cxx and zagauss.cxx

12.8.2c The vvnei model is not allowing the redshift parameter (par 33) to be adjusted. Our thanks to Doug Burke for pointing this out. This patch also includes a second fix: In PyXspec, parameters are not accessible by name if the name includes parentheses. This replaces all parentheses in parameter names with underscores. Our thanks to Diego Altamirano for pointing this out. Report added on Aug 25, 2014.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ vvnei.cxx and src/manager/ model.dat

12.8.2d Table models are not taking negative redshifts into account. With this patch, redshifts > -1 are now allowed. Our thanks to Mike Nowak for pointing this out. Report added on Aug 26, 2014.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSModel/Model/Component/ AddTableComponent.cxx

12.8.2e The eplogpar model is erroneously using the same function as the logpar model. Our thanks to Doug Burke for pointing this out. Report added on Sep 08, 2014.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/manager/ model.dat, src/XSFunctions/ functionMap.cxx, .h.

12.8.2f For users building local models which still require use of the udmget Fortran dynamic memory allocation routines, this adds a new initpackage option: -udmget64. This is intended primarily for users on Mac platforms, which Heasoft now builds in 64-bit mode by default.

NOTE: The new -udmget64 option should only be used with local model Fortran code in which the array pointer variables passed to udmget have been converted from INTEGER*4 to INTEGER*8. Report added on Oct 15, 2014.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/tools/initpackage/ initpackage.cxx, xsudmget64.cxx, Makefile, and src/tools/include modelSetup.h

12.8.2g When the recorn component changes the correction scale factor, it does not update the displayed net flux rate (as seen with show data or tclout rate). Our thanks to Alex Markowitz for pointing this out. Report added on Dec 15, 2014.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSModel/Model/MixFunction/ recorn.cxx

12.8.2h This adds a new function to PyXspec which makes available the results of the most recent Fit.steppar() run. The function interface is:

Fit.stepparResults(< arg >)

where < arg > is the string "statistic" or "delstat", or an integer or string specifying the parameter number. It returns the results in a list of floats. Report added on Dec 29, 2014.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSUser/Python/xspec/

12.8.2i The vrnei, vnpshock, and vsedov models have a parameter misassignment problem leading to incorrect results. Our thanks to Randall Smith and Pat Slane for pointing this out. Report added on Jan 13, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ vrnei.cxx, vnpshock.cxx and vsedov.cxx

12.8.2j The optxagnf model fails for responses with lower energy zero and also does not capture the total disk energy for high-mass AGN black holes. This patch from Chris Done traps the first problem and corrects the second by extending the disk calculation down to 1.0e-5 keV, instead of 1.0e-3 keV. Report added on Jan 15, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ optxagnf.f

12.8.2k This adds a new feature to steppar. It is now possible to retrieve the values of the variable fit parameters at each point in the steppar run. Previously, only the fixed parameters (specified on the steppar command line) could be retrieved. The syntax for retrieval is the same as for the fixed steppar parameters:

tclout steppar < parnum >

In PyXspec these values are obtained via the Fit.stepparResults function implemented in patch 12.8.2h. Report added on Jan 20, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFit/Fit/ Step.cxx, .h, src/XSUser/Handler/ xsTclout.cxx, and src/XSUser/Python/xspec/

12.8.2l When a new minimum is found and accepted during a steppar run, the new best-fit information is not propagated to the contour plot. It still uses the original minimum. Our thanks to Brian Grefenstette for pointing this out. Report added on Mar 12, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSUser/Handler/ xsSteppar.cxx

12.8.2m Fixes an error in the Goodman-Weare option for MCMC which caused confidence regions to be about 70% of their correct size. This fixed version also runs twice as fast as the old version. Our thanks to Jeremy Sanders for reporting the problem. Report added on Apr 01, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFit/MCMC/ Chain.cxx

12.8.2n Corrections needed for the feld abundance table values for the elements Cl, Cr, Mn, and Co. Our thanks to Paul Nulsen for pointing this out. Report added on Apr 08, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/manager/ abundances.dat

12.8.2o Modification of the way that the MCMC methods handle hard limits on parameter values. Now consider them as priors on the parameter values with zero probability outside the hard limits. This means that any set of parameter values where at least one lies outside its hard limits is automatically rejected and the current parameter values repeated in the chain. Our thanks to Mariano Mendez for drawing our attention to this issue. Report added on May 07, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFit/Fit/ Fit.cxx and src/XSFit/MCMC/ Chain.cxx

12.8.2p This fixes an error in the calculation of derivatives for the cstat with background and pgstat statistics. The fix does not change the best fit but speeds up convergence in some cases. Our thanks to Tetsu Kitayama for spotting this. Report added on May 14, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFit/StatMethod/Cstat/ CstatVariants.cxx

12.8.2q The new version of the NEI models introduced in 12.8.2 does not take into account the change in relative abundances set by the abund command. All abundances are thus relative to the default Anders & Grevesse set. Our thanks to Pat Slane for drawing our attention to this. Report added on Jun 18, 2015.

This patch modifies heasoft-6.16/Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ Aped.cxx and KBcalcNEISpectrum.cxx

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