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XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility

XMM-NEWTON SAS 19.1.0 Operating System (OS) Conversion Guide

The installation of SAS is not one size fits all but is dependent on the operating system. The following table lists the more common operating systems and which version of SAS should be downloaded and installed. If you experience difficulties in your installation or if your operating system is not listed, please contact the U.S. XMM GOF for help.

My Operating System Use this SAS version
RHEL7+, SL7+, CentOS7+ Fedora 25+ CentOS
Ubuntu 18+ Ubuntu
High Sierra, OSX 10.15+ Catalina & Big Sur
Virtual Machines
VirtualBox VM4SAS19.1
VMWare VM4SAS19.1

If you have any questions concerning XMM-Newton send e-mail to