Because the changes in ESAS have been so drastic, the following tables will help users understand the transformation of file names between the old ESAS and the current ESAS.

Table 2: Routine Concordance between Old ESAS and Current ESAS
Routine Concordance
Old Routine Old Type New Routine$^a$
adapt FORTRAN binadapt
adapt_merge FORTRAN binadaptmerge
bin_image FORTRAN binadapt
bin_image_merge FORTRAN binadaptmerge
cheese PERL cheese
cheese-bands PERL cheese
comb FORTRAN combimage
conv_reg FORTRAN convregion
fill_list FORTRAN emlfill
  FORTRAN emanom
merge_comp FORTRAN mosaicmerge
merge_source_list FORTRAN emlmerge
mos_back FORTRAN mosback
mos-filter PERL espfilt
mos-spectra PERL mospectra
pn_back FORTRAN pnback
pn-filter PERL espfilt
pn-spectra PERL pnspectra
point_source FORTRAN pointsrc
proton FORTRAN proton
proton_scale FORTRAN protonscale
rot-im-det-sky PERL rotdet2sky
sp_partial FORTRAN sppartial
swcx FORTRAN swcx
$^a$ All current routines are in SAS-consistent FORTRAN.

Table 3: File Name Concordance
File Name Concordance
I/O$^a$ Name$^b$ Diag.$^c$ Inter.$^d$ Coor.$^e$ Mask$^f$ Used By$^g$ Comment
Old New Old New
$\gets$ mos1/2 mos1/2
$\to$ -anom.log $\surd$ nonexistent
espfilt (was mos-filter or pn-filter)
$\to$ P-corn.fits P-corev.fits $\surd$ nothing further FLAG & 0x766a0f63 FLAG & 0x766aa000
$\to$ P-corevc.fits $\surd$ good question FLAG & 0x766aa000
$\to$ P-corim.fits $\surd$ D - “600"$\times$“600"$^h$,1:640
$\to$ P-corn-image.fits P-corimc.fits $\surd$ D - 780,-19499:19500 “600"$\times$“600",1:640
$\to$ P-ratec.fits P-corlc.fits $\surd$ $\surd$ - FLAG & 0x766a0f63 FLAG & 0x766aa000
$\to$ P-clean.fits P-allevc.fits cheese, mos/pnspectra FLAG & 0x766a0f63 FLAG & 0x766aa000
$\to$ P-obj-image-det.fits P-allim.fits $\surd$ D - 780$^2$,-19499:19500, Int32 “600"$\times$“600",1:640
$\to$ P-obj-image-det-soft.fits $\surd$ D - 780$^2$,-19499:19500, Int32
$\to$ P-obj-image-det-unfilt.fits $\surd$ D - 780$^2$,-19499:19500, Int32
$\to$ P-obj-image-sky.fits P-allimc.fits $\surd$ S good question 900$^2$,3401:48400, Int32,FOV “600"$\times$“600",1:640
$\to$ P-ori.fits nothing further renamed input file not renamed
$\to$ P-rate.fits P-fovlc.fits $\surd$ $\surd$ - FLAG & 0x766a0f63 FLAG & 0x766aa000
$\to$ P-gti.txt $\surd$ not used (as per SS) not produced
$\to$ P-gti.fits P-gti.fits $\surd$ nothing further no change
$\to$ P-hist.qdp P-hist.qdp $\surd$ - minor changes
$\gets$ P-clean.fits P-allevc.fits no change
$\to$ atthk.fits atthk.fits no change (from atthkgen)
$\to$ eboxlist_l.fits eboxlist_l.fits $\surd$ no change (from edetect_chain)
$\to$ eboxlist_m.fits eboxlist_m.fits $\surd$ no change (from edetect_chain)
$\to$ emllist.fits emllist.fits $\surd$ no change (from edetect_chain)
$\to$ P-bkg_region-det-B.fits P-bkregBdet.fits mos/pnspectra no change (from region)
$\to$ P-bkg_region-sky-B.fits P-bkregBsky.fits no change (from region)
$\to$ P-cheese-B.fits P-cheeseB.fits S $900^2$,Int32 no change (from make_mask)
$\to$ P-obj-im.fits P-fovimB.fits $\surd$ S 900$^2$,3401,48400,Int32,FOV&C
$\to$ P-fovimBbkg.fits $\surd$ $\surd$
$\to$ P-fovimBexp.fits $\surd$ $\surd$
$\to$ P-mask-im.fits P-fovimBmask.fits $\surd$ $\surd$ 900$^2$,Int32 no change (from emask)
$\to$ P-fovimBsen.fits $\surd$ $\surd$
$\to$ P-fovimBsmap.fits $\surd$ $\surd$
$\gets$ P-allevc.fits
$\to$ P-corevc.fits
$\gets$ atthk.fits atthk.fits $\surd$ this routine no change (from atthkgen)
$\to$ P-Noc.pi P-corccdN.pi $\surd$ mosback
$\to$ P-Nfc.pi P-corfwcccdN.pi $\surd$ mosback
$\to$ P-Nobj.pi P-fovccdN.pi $\surd$ mosback
$\to$ P-Nff.pi P-fovfwcccdN.pi $\surd$ mosback
$\to$ P-obj.pi P-fovt.pi USER
$\to$ P.arf P.arf USER
$\to$ P.rmf P.rmf USER
$\to$ P-exp-im-elo-ehi-ccd1.fits P-expimccd1-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ D A - 780$^2$,Flt32,contains sel. chips same
$\to$ P-exp-im-elo-ehi.fits P-expimsky-elo-ehi.fits S A comb $900^2$,Flt32 same
$\to$ P-exp-im.fits P-expimt.fits $\surd$ S $900^2$,Flt32 same
$\to$ P-imN-elo-ehi.fits P-fwcimccdNdet-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ $\surd$ D ASR - 780$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-mask-im-elo-ehi-ccd1.fits P-maskimccd1-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ D A - 780$^2$,Int32,contains sel. chips same
$\to$ P-mask-im-elo-ehi.fits P-maskimsky-elo-ehi.fits S A comb $900^2$,Int32 in 2$^{nd}$ extension same
$\to$ P-mask-im.fits$^j$ P-maskimt.fits $\surd$ S - $900^2$,Int32 in 2$^{nd}$ extension same
$\to$ P-obj-im-elo-ehi-ccd1.fits P-fovimccd1-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ D - 780$^2$,Int32, only ccd1 same
$\to$ P-fovimt.fits $\surd$ S - - 900$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-obj-im-elo-ehi.fits P-fovimsky-elo-ehi.fits S ASR comb $900^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-obj-im-det-elo-ehi.fits P-fovimdet-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ D AR - $780^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-obj-im-sp-det.fits P-fovimspdet.fits D ASR sppartial,proton_scale $780^2$,Int32 same

File Name Concordance - continued
I/O$^a$ Name$^b$ Diag.$^c$ Inter.$^d$ Coor.$^e$ Mask$^f$ Used By$^g$ Comment
Old New Old New
$\to$ P-back.pi P-bkg.pi USER
$\to$ P-back-im-det-elo-ehi.fits P-bkgimdet-elo-ehi.fits D ASR rot-im-det-sky$\to$comb 780$^2$,Flt32 same
$\to$ P-aug.qdp P-ratehard.qdp $\surd$ -
$\to$ P-aug-indiv.qdp P-augindiv.qdp $\surd$ -
$\to$ P-back.qdp P-bkgspec.qdp $\surd$ -
$\to$ P-back-accum.qdp P-bkgaccum.qdp $\surd$ -
$\to$ P-back-indiv.qdp P-bkgindiv.qdp $\surd$ -
$\to$ P-bridge-fit.qdp P-bridgefit.qdp $\surd$ -
$\to$ P-ratio-indiv.qdp P-ratioindiv.qdp $\surd$ -
$\to$ P-spec.qdp P-augspec.qdp $\surd$ -
$\gets$ P-allevc.fits
$\gets$ P-allevcoot.fits
$\gets$$\to$ atthk.fits atthk.fits this routine no change (from atthkgen)
$\to$ P-corn.fits P-corevc.fits
$\to$ P-corn-oot.fits P-corevcoot.fits
$\to$ P-Qoc.pi P-corqQ.pi $\surd$ pnback
$\to$ P-Qoc-oot.pi P-corootqQ.pi $\surd$ pnback
$\to$ P-Qfc.pi P-corfwcqQ.pi $\surd$ pnback
$\to$ P-Qfc-oot.pi P-corfwcootqQ.pi $\surd$ pnback
$\to$ P-Qobj.pi P-fovqQ.pi $\surd$ pnback
$\to$ P-Qobj-oot.pi P-fovootqQ.pi $\surd$ pnback
$\to$ P-Qff.pi P-fovfwcqQ.pi $\surd$ pnback
$\to$ P-Qff-oot.pi P-fovfwcootqQ.pi $\surd$ pnback
$\to$ P-obj.pi P-fovt.pi USER
$\to$ P-obj-oot.pi P-fovtoot.pi USER
$\to$ P.arf P.arf USER
$\to$ P.rmf P.rmf USER
$\to$ P-exp-im-elo-ehi.fits P-expimsky-elo-ehi.fits S - comb 900$^2$,Flt32 same
$\to$ P-exp-im-det-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ D - - 780$^2$,Flt32 not produced
$\to$ P-exp-im.fits P-expimt.fits $\surd$? S - - 900$^2$,Flt32 same
$\to$ P-imQ-elo-ehi.fits P-fwcimqQdet-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ $\surd$ D SR - 780$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-imQ-elo-ehi-oot.fits P-fwcimootqQdet-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ $\surd$ D SR - 780$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-mask-im-elo-ehi.fits P-maskimsky-elo-ehi.fits S - comb 900$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-mask-im-det-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$ D - - 780$^2$,Int32 not produced
$\to$ P-mask-im.fitsj P-maskimt.fits $\surd$ S - - 900$^2$,Int32,in 2$^{nd}$ extension same
$\to$ P-obj-im-elo-ehi-oot.fits P-fovimsky-elo-ehi.fits S SR comb 900$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-obj-im-elo-ehi.fits P-fovimskyoot-elo-ehi.fits S SR comb 900$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-obj-im-det-elo-ehi-oot.fits P-fovimdet-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$? D SR - 780$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-obj-im-det-elo-ehi.fits P-fovimdetoot-elo-ehi.fits $\surd$? D SR - 780$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-obj-im-oot .fits P-fovimtcoot.fits $\surd$ S - - 900$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-fovimt.fits $\surd$ S - - 900$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-obj-im-sp-det.fits P-fovimspdet.fits D SR sppartial,proton_scale 780$^2$,Int32 same
$\to$ P-back.pi P-bkg.pi USER
$\to$ P-obj-os.pi P-fovtootsub.pi USER
$\to$ P-back-im-det-elo-ehi.fits P-bkgimdet-elo-ehi.fits D ASR rot-im-det-sky$\to$comb 780$^2$,Flt32 same
$\to$ P-aug.qdp P-ratehard.qdp $\surd$
$\to$ P-aug-rev-hard.qdp P-augratehrev.qdp $\surd$
$\to$ P-aug-rev-rate.qdp P-augraterev.qdp $\surd$
$\to$ P-aug-spec.qdp P-augspec.qdp $\surd$
$\to$ P-back-spec.qdp P-bkgspec.qdp $\surd$
$\to$ P-bridge-fit.qdp P-bridgefit.qdp $\surd$
$\to$ P-quad-spec.qdp P-quadspec.qdp $\surd$
$\to$ P-spec.qdp P-spec.qdp $\surd$

File Name Concordance - continued
I/O$^a$ Name$^b$ Diag.$^c$ Inter.$^d$ Coor.$^e$ Mask$^f$ Used By$^g$ Comment
Old New Old New
$\gets$ P-obj-im-det-elo-ehi.fits P-fovimdet-elo-ehi.fits
$\gets$ P-obj.pi P-fovt.pi
$\to$ P-prot-im-det-elo-ehi.fits P-protimdet-elo-ehi.fits rot-im-det-sky$\to$comb
$\gets$ P-obj-im-det-elo-ehi.fits P-fovimdet-elo-ehi.fits
$\gets$ P-obj.pi P-fovt.pi
$\to$ P-swcx-im-det-elo-ehi.fits P-swcximdet-elo-ehi.fits rot-im-det-sky$\to$comb
$\gets$ P-back-im-sky-elo-ehi.fits P-bkgimsky-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$
$\gets$ P-cheese P-cheese-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$ option c but not currently made!
$\gets$ P-exp-im-elo-ehi.fits P-expimsky-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$
$\gets$ P-mask-im-elo-ehi,fits P-maskimsky-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$ option e
$\gets$ P-obj-im-elo-ehi.fits P-fovimsky-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$
$\gets$ P-obj-im-elo-ehi-oot.fits P-fovimootsky-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$
$\gets$ P-prot-im-sky-elo-ehi.fits P-protimsky-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$
$\gets$ P-swcx-im-sky-elo-ehi.fits P-swcximsky-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$
$\gets$ P-msl-elo-ehi.fits $900^2$ option m but what is it?
$\to$ comb-obj-im-elo-ehi.fits comb-fovim.fits USER or mosaicmerge $900^2$
$\to$ comb-back-im-sky-elo-ehi.fits comb-bkgim.fits USER or mosaicmerge $900^2$
$\to$ comb-exp-im-elo-ehi.fits comb-expim.fits USER or mosaicmerge $900^2$
$\to$ comb-prot-im-sky-elo-ehi.fits comb-protim.fits USER or mosaicmerge $900^2$
$\to$ comb-swcx-im-sky-elo-ehi.fits comb-swcxim.fits USER or mosaicmerge $900^2$
$\gets$ (various) (various)
$\to$ adapt-elo-ehi.fits comb-adaptimsky-elo-ehi.fits Variable size
$\to$ size-elo-ehi.fits comb-size-elo-ehi.fits Variable size
$\to$ size-elo-ehi.qdp comb-size-elo-ehi.qdp
$\to$ radial-filt-elo-ehi.qdp comb-radfilt-elo-ehi.qdp
$\gets$ (various) (various)
$\to$ rate-elo-ehi.fits comb-rateimsky-elo-ehi.fits Variable size
$\to$ rate-elo-ehi.fits comb-simimsky-elo-ehi.fits Variable size
$\to$ radial-filt-elo-ehi.qdp comb-radfilt-elo-ehi.qdp
$\gets$ (various) (various)
$\to$ obj-im-elo-ehi.fits mosaic-fovimsky-elo-ehi.fits $2000^2$
$\to$ exp-im-elo-ehi.fits mosaic-expimsky-elo-ehi.fits $2000^2$
$\to$ back-im-elo-ehi.fits mosaic-bkgimsky-elo-ehi.fits $2000^2$
$\to$ prot-im-elo-ehi.fits mosaic-protimsky-elo-ehi.fits $2000^2$
$\to$ swcx-im-elo-ehi.fits mosaic-swcximsky-elo-ehi.fits $2000^2$
$\gets$ (various) (various)
$\to$ adapt-elo-ehi.fits merged-adaptimsky-elo-ehi.fits Variable size
$\to$ size-elo-ehi.fits merged-size-elo-ehi.fits Variable size
$\to$ size-elo-ehi.qdp merged-size-elo-ehi.qdp
$\to$ radial-filt-elo-ehi.qdp merged-radfilt-elo-ehi.qdp
$\gets$ (various) (various)
$\to$ rate-elo-ehi.fits merged-rateimsky-elo-ehi.fits Variable size
$\to$ rate-elo-ehi.fits merged-simimsky-elo-ehi.fits Variable size
$\to$ radial-filt-elo-ehi.qdp merged-radfilt-elo-ehi.qdp
$^a$ A “$\to$” indicates output. A “$\gets$” indicates input. I've been sloppy and not put some inputs.
$^b$ A P indicates a prefix, such as mos1S001. A B indicates a letter denoting the band, hard (h), soft (s), or total (t). A N indicates a CCD number for the MOS. A Q indicates a quadrant for the pn.
$^c$ A check means that the file is diagnostic and not used in further analysis.
$^d$ A check means that the file is an intermediate product in this program and not used in further analysis.
$^e$ “D” for detector coordinates, “S” for sky coordinates.
$^f$ “R” if the user supplied region file is applied, “S” if the source mask is applied, and “A” if the anomalous chip mask is applied.
$^g$ A “USER” means that the output will be used by the user for analysis. That is, this file is one of the ultimate ESAS products.
$^h$ The actual size varies.
$^j$ This is not the same file produced by cheese, however the differences are minor.