SAS Reminders

One of the advantages to the user of our work to fully incorporate the ESAS routines into SAS is that standard SAS command options now work. The following text is brazenly stolen from the SAS User's Guide[*] which is well worth browsing.

All SAS tasks support the following command line options:

provides information about the command line options
launches the GUI for this specific task
prints all parameters with their default and current value
turns on tracing information from the libraries
displays the HTML documentation of the task using a browser
no clobber prevents files from being overwritten
prints the version number of the task
sets the verbosity level of the task to opt. The opt value ranges from 0 to 10 and the larger the verbosity value, the more log messages will be produced. The default value is 1, a value of 4 is recommended for a good verbose control. Larger values are only recommended for debugging purposes.