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Calibration Session WA2 (Tue, 14:15 -- 18:30), Newton

Ad interim until the proceedings are published we offer here a selection of the calibration papers presented at the New Visions of the X-ray Universe conference. They describe the current best state of knowledge of the instrument calibration. It should be emphasised that not all features described are yet fully accounted for in the public version of SAS.

Pointing to each hyperlink will take you to either a PostScript of PDF version of the viewgraphs that were presented at the conference. Please also check out the associated links at the SAS Workshop which contains some important information about calibration files (CCF's), and the usage within the SAS, release policies etc..

With many thanks to the participants below who provided their inputs in a timely fashion, AND OF COURSE PERFORMED ALL THE HARD WORK

Title Author(s) Viewgraphs Notes
1. Introduction and organization David Lumb, ESA viewgraphs  
2. EPIC MOS Overview Philippe Ferrando, SACLAY viewgraphs  
3. EPIC PN Overview Ulrich Briel, MPE viewgraphs Sorry 5th page doesn't come out! 
4. RGS Overview Jan-Willem den Herder, SRON viewgraphs  
5. OM Overview Alice Breeveldt, MSSL viewgraphs and figures 
6. EPIC Cross Calibration Using Continuum Sources Gareth Griffiths, Leicester viewgraphs  
7. EPIC Cross Calibration Using Emission Line Sources Frank Haberl, MPE viewgraphs  
8. EPIC/RGS Cross-Calibration Jan-Willem den Herder, SRON viewgraphs  
9. XMM to Other Observatories (The Outsider's View) Steve Snowden, HEASARC/XMM GOF viewgraphs  
10. XMM Timing Calibration Markus Kuster, Ast Inst Tubingen viewgraphs  

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David Lumb, SCI-ST, ESTEC (formerly the XMM Instrument Calibration Scientist
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