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Placing Data on the Hera Servers

Please be aware that network security regulations at NASA forbid the uploading of multiple files at once, or directories from local machines to Hera servers! Therefore, if you want to run tasks like the repipelining procedures (i.e., emchain, emproc, epproc), which require data from the ODF directory, you must download the ODF directory (and the PPS directory) to Hera disk space directly from the HEASARC archive. Users of standard Hera can click on the ``Save to Hera'' button in the Data Products Retrieval tab of the Browse Query Results. Users with Hera accounts will be prompted for their login information, while new users will be given the opportunity to make an account. For users of anonymous Hera, the data will be downloaded to a temporary directory for analysis. They will be given the option to save their data in an account at the session.

Lynne Valencic 2011-07-26