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Create the Photon Redistribution Matrix (RMF)

In order to do spectral analysis, it is necessary to find the instrument's repsonse as a function of energy and PI channel. This is done by reformating the detector response and energy bounds information and correcting for instrumental effects, and writing the result to the Redistribution Matrix File (RMF). This is accomplished with the task rmfgen.

To make the RMF using the GUI:

Call rmfgen from the Available Tools panel.
Enter the name of the output dataset, in this case, mos1_rmf.fits. In the ``Counts spectrum file'' text box, enter the spectrum file name, in this case, mos1_source_pi.fits.
Click ``Run''.

To make the RMF using the Command Window, type:

rmfgen rmfset=mos1_rmf.fits spectrumset=mos1_source_pi.fits


rmfset - output file
spectrumset - spectrum file

Lynne Valencic 2011-07-26