XMM-Newton Science Analysis System: User Guide

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3.3 Selecting an ODF

At the start of a SAS session, the environment variable SAS_ODF should point to either the directory containing the ODF files, or to the ODF Summary File (as explained under § 2.3). This can be done from the SAS GUI by choosing "Preferences" from the "File" menu, where a dialog box pops up. Using this dialog box, the path of an ODF directory or the name of the ODF Summary File can be defined.

The ODF directory can be specified either by giving the absolute path (starting with "/") or by giving a path relative to the directory in which the SAS GUI was started. The "Folder" button pops up a dataset browser which allows to search for the directory and select it.

It is possible to select a different ODF directory at any time during the session. Any tasks ran subsequently will use the new ODF.

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