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Venus And Mars Project

You are a scientist working on the first land based outpost on Mars OR Venus. Choose the planet that you would like to be on and complete the following activities.

  1. Create a detailed and labeled drawing (on a poster board) of your outpost. Remember that you are on a planet with very different water, temperature, and atmospheric conditions from Earth. Your drawing must include the structures or devises that you will use to get around all of the differences and make it inhabitable by humans.

  2. You will need to create a three paged (typed) explanation of your drawing and your ideas to get around all of the differences between your planet and Earth.

  3. Suppose you encountered a native living thing that lived on the planet. Describe what it would look like, how it would get food, how it would reproduce, how would it move (does it move?), how does it see, what kind of senses does it have, and how it would breathe. How would humans interact with this living creature? You must draw a detailed and labeled drawing of your organism and include a one page (typed) description of it.