February 2, 2000

This note documents the Epoch 1 background model files. Both the faint (L7_240) and bright (Sky_VLE) source background model files are available,

The names of the model files are

The L7 faint source model file is made from Epoch 1 background data (taken during the in orbit checkout phase). The other model files are based on the equivalent Epoch 3 model. Two adjustments are made: (a) the Epoch 3 PHA channel boundaries are adjusted to match the Epoch 1 energy scale, and (b) the Epoch 3 VLE count rate is adjusted to match the expected Epoch 1 VLE count rate.

Both models were tested on sources from which no signal is expected above 40 keV. The background subtracted count rates across the 40-80 keV band are given for the faint source and the bright source models.