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XTE FTOOLS 4.2 Release Notes RXTE

Version-4.2 release notes, November 1998

These are release notes for FTOOLS v4.2, released 20 November, 1998. In this document we discuss the new tools and scripts in v4.2 and highlight the major changes since v4.1.

XTE Specific Tools

For complete details and up-to-date information on using FTOOLS v4.2 to analyze RXTE data, please refer to:


For more information on any FTOOL type "fhelp " once you've installed the package. "fhelp ftools" will provide a full listing of all the tools available in v4.2, while "fhelp " lists all of the tools in that package.

New since v4.1

  • closereturn --- Uses the method of close returns to aid the user in detecting unstable periodic orbits embedded in the evolution of a time series. Uses light curves as input and displays the result as a two dimensional image, as well as stores the image in an output file.
  • decodeevt -- Decodes event keywords in XTE Science Event files and generates an output file with separate columns for TIME, CHANNEL, PCUID, ANODE, and PROPANE.
  • dyenspec -- Generates dynamic energy spectrum for each row of the input XTE Science Array data (mode 2), and then displays this two dimensional image on the screen as well as stores the image in an output file. Users can look at the spectrum for each row by clicking on the image.

Major changes since v4.1

  • fasebin, fbadd, fbfsum, fbssum, fbsub: Fixed bug that caused wrong channel-binning for some Event modes; now can use JPL DE405 ephemeris though default is still DE200; Linux-specific bugs fixed.
  • fcollect/xtederive/xtefilt: Can collect scalar quantities from PCA science files and cycle over multiple files. Calculates the additional quantities TIME_SINCE_SAA and ELECTRON[0-4] when the new appidlist is used (ck. "xtefilt -h") (THESE CHANGES WERE MADE IN THE XTE v4.1.1 UPDATE, 26 JUNE 1998) TSTART/TSTOP now always correspond to first and last values in "Time" column. TIMEPIXR keyword now present in filter files. Now handles mixed production and realtime data in the same directory.
  • hxtlcurv: This tool has been disabled in FTOOLS v4.2 due to incompatibilities with the current version of hxtdead. A revised version will be released as part of an update to FTOOLS v4.2 in the near future. Please check our web site for up-to-date information on the release schedule for software updates.
  • pcabackest/runpcabackest: Uses an additional parameter, "saafile". (CHANGE MADE IN THE XTE v4.1.1 UPDATE, 26 JUNE 1998) CALDB removed as default for model files parameter (see http://rxte.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/xte/whatsnew/software.html for model file instructions); "syserr" parameter is now hidden and not recommended; correction applied for slow gain drift; fixed bugs on DEC Alphas; interpolation to 256 channels improved; documents which saa_history file used.
  • pcarsp: Added options to specify alternate RA/DEC, in case of off-source pointings.
  • rddescr: Bug fixed which caused the tool to produce error messages and generate an incorrect output ascii channel file whenever the CPIXn keyword was longer than one line in the FITS header of the input .pha file. (CHANGE MADE IN THE XTE v4.1.1 UPDATE, 26 JUNE 1998)
  • sbmerge: Major revisions related to making output acceptable to SAEXTRCT (1DELT2, 1CTYP2, TDDES2, ModeSpecific); XeCnt counts handled differently.

Bug Fixes and Minor changes since v4.1

Fixed pervasive bug performing formatted writes without specifying field width; this only affected FTOOLS compiled from source distribution by users with the most recent versions of g77 (ie, Linux only). In the XTE subpackage this applied to hxtarf, xpcaarf, pcaclrsp, and xtecol only.

  • addshots: Removed case-sensitivity in input parameters.
  • correctlc: Made more robust; documentation improved.
  • fxbary: Bug fixed which caused crashes on some systems. (CHANGE MADE IN THE XTE v4.1.1 UPDATE, 26 JUNE 1998)
  • mkgtif: Bug fixed which caused crashes on some systems. (CHANGE MADE IN THE XTE v4.1.1 UPDATE, 26 JUNE 1998)
  • pcaclrsp:
  • xtecol: Time format increased to allow Time .ge. 1e08; bug fixed in handling null values while accumulating avg and std dev; fixed bug related to CALDB access
  • pcadtlc: IRIX-specific bug fixed; TUNIT2 keyword added to output file.
  • pcarmf: Bug in retrieving energy-to-channel info from CALDB fixed.
  • sa2phaII: Change in handling of 1CPIX keyword; changed EXPOSURE computation.
  • trans2fits: Bug fixed in Check_and_Write_Info subroutine which caused crashes in some circumstances.

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