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XTENEWS #17: RXTE GO Archive Opens

The RXTE data from proprietary observations performed in AO-1 and AO-2 of the mission are now starting to go public. We're happy to announce their availability in the RXTE Archive.

To find out what data are available, please go to the RXTE GOF homepage at http://rxte.gsfc.nasa.gov/. Click on the "Archive" button, and follow the link to "RXTE Public Data" to find the Public Data Web tool. This will allow you to find out when data for particular objects of interest are going public, or simply what data is going public in any given month.

For complete instructions on how to to retrieve public data, and what to do with it, look next at the instructions under the "Archive"/"How to access the RXTE Archive" link.

Please note the following:

Any questions? Send Email to:

              ** xtehelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov **

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