How to Copy Data Sets from Browse to Hera

When you first create a new Standard Hera account it does not contain any data to analyze. This page explains how to locate data sets of interest in the HEASARC's Browse data archive and then copy them to your Hera account for further analysis. See the Browse Help pages for an introduction to Browse and tips on using the different interfaces.

Query the Browse Database

You first need to locate the data in the HEASARC data archive that you want to analyze. You may use any of various Browse interfaces (e.g., the Full or the Keyword Search interfaces). In this example, we use the Quick Search Form to query the ROSAT mission catalogs for observations of NGC 499:

Browse quick search form

Click on the "Start Query" button to view the rows in each of the Browse tables that satisfy the query criteria.

It is important to realize that there are 2 basic types of tables in the browse database: some tables have data products associated with each row of the table, while other tables have no associated data products. For the present purposes, we are only interested in the tables that have data products that can be further analyzed in Hera. One way to distinguish between these 2 types of tables is to scroll down to the bottom of the table listing in the Query Results page and see if a box labeled "Are you interested in data products" is shown.

Select the Data Set(s)

In this example we show the results from the "Rosat Archival Data" table for the query on "NGC 499"

Browse query results

At this point you have 2 choices for using Hera to analyze the data products associated with any of the rows in this table.

If you want to quickly look at the data associated with any single row of this table in a temporary Hera session, then just click on the "X" Hera services link on that row. This assumes that you have already set up fv to be a helper application in your web browser, as discussed on the Anonymous Hera web page.

If on the other hand you want to copy the data associated with one or more rows of this table to a Standard Hera account, then follow these steps:

  1. Select the rows of interest by checking the box at the left side of each row.
  2. Scroll to the "Are you interested in data products" box at the bottom of that table.
  3. Select which types of data products you want (all are selected by default).
  4. Click on the "Save to Hera" link at the bottom.
  5. A new web browser window will appear in which you enter the User ID and password for your Standard Hera account. If you don't already have an account, or want to copy these data to a new account, you can create a new account at this point by entering the desired User ID for the new account.
  6. Click on the "Save to Hera" button. If you are creating a new user ID, you will then be ask for some additional information needed to set up the account.
  7. After a short pause a nessage should be displayed stating that the files were successfully saved to your Hera disk area.
  8. If desired, you may repeat this process to save additional data products to your Hera account.

Once you are finished selecting data, you may close the browser window. Now login into your Standard Hera account (e.g., with the command "fv -hera) where you should see all the data sets that you saved displayed in the Hera directory listing.

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