fbdrm2rmf -- Converts BATSE DRM file to RMF format


        fbdrm2rmf drmfile rmffile


This utility converts a BATSE DRM file into an RMF ("Redistribution Matrix File") that is compatible with the XSPEC spectral analysis package.

The output RMF files conform to the OGIP standard RMF format. For a description of this format, see George et al., "The Calibration Requirements for Spectral Analysis," in Legacy, No. 2, pp. 51-64, November 1992.

This is an outline of the output BATSE RMF FITS file format:

         Primary Array:  Null data array
         Extension # 1:  BINTABLE  'SPECRESP MATRIX'
                         Col    TTYPE       TFORM      TUNIT
                         ^^^    ^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^    ^^^^^
                           1    ENERG_LO    1E         keV
                           2    ENERG_HI    1E         keV
                           3    N_GRP       1I         none
                           4    F_CHAN      PI(126)    chan
                           5    N_CHAN      PI(126)    chan
                           6    MATRIX      PE(252)    cm**2
         Extension # 2:  BINTABLE  'EBOUNDS'
                         Col    TTYPE       TFORM      TUNIT
                         ^^^    ^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^    ^^^^^
                           1    CHANNEL     1I         chan
                           2    E_MIN       1E         keV
                           3    E_MAX       1E         keV

Conventionally, RMF files are intended for use with corresponding "Pulse Height Analyzer" (PHA) files generated from the associated BATSE BFITS files by the FTOOL fbbft2pha. The corresponding PHA file is assumed to have the same name as the RMF, but with a matching-case extension, .pha or .PHA. The expected name of the PHA file appears in the RMF keyword PHAFILE.

For data types that include measurements by multiple detectors (MER, e.g.) the DETNAM keyword in the output RMF file shows all the used detector numbers concatenated together in the sub-instrument identifier label. The response matrices are summed over detectors. The input-side photon energy edges (ENERG_LO and ENERG_HI) and the output-side channel energy edges (E_MIN and E_MAX) are averaged over detectors.


drmfile [file name]
Name of input BATSE DRM file to be converted

rmffile [file name]
Name of output BATSE RMF file to be created


1. Convert BATSE discriminator DRM file into RMF suitable for XSPEC:

          % fbdrm2rmf discsc_drm_2003.fits discsc_2003.rmf





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