barycorr - Generalized multi-mission barycenter correction tool.
flx2tab - Read an input text file with one or more model spectra and convert to an XSPEC table model file.
flx2xsp - Create spectra and response files for XSPEC from an input text file of fluxes and errors.
ftadjustgti - Perform filtering and normalization of good time interval (GTI).
mkfiltrsp - Read an input text with a filter response to make a single channel response matrix.
rebingausslc - Rebin an irregularly sampled light curve (such as BAT or ASM).
rgsrmfsmooth - Smooth an XMM RGS response matrix for an extended source.
rsp2rmfarf - Split an RSP file into an RMF and an ARF.
sdss2xsp - Create spectra and response files for XSPEC from an SDSS spectral file.
sprbnarf - Rebin an ARF.
xrtraytrace - Calculates the passage of X-ray photons through a thin-foil type X-ray telescope, treating reflection, transmission, scattering, and absorption.
xrtreftable - Calculate the probabilities of reflection and transmission of an X-ray incident upon a mirror surface.