List of heatools tasks

ftappend - Append a copy of an HDU from one file onto another file
ftcalc - Calculate values in a table column
ftchecksum - Verify or update the checksum keywords in a FITS file
ftcmpheap - Compress the heap in variable-length columns of a FITS table extension.
ftcoco - Convert between galactic, equatorial and ecliptic coordinates
ftconvert - Convert a FITS table into another format (eg, rdb)
ftcopy - Copy a file, applying optional filters
ftcreate - Create a FITS table from ASCII template files
ftdelhdu - Delete a HDU in a FITS file
ftdelrow - Delete rows from a table
ftdiff - Display differences between 2 FITS files
ftedit - Edit one or more image pixels or table elements
fthedit - Edit one or more header keywords in the input HDU
ftimgcalc - Perform arbitrary image computations
ftimgcreate - Create a FITS image from ASCII template files
ftinsert - Insert a HDU from one file into another file
ftjoin - Join the columns of two tables according to a matching criterium
ftkeypar - Read a keyword and write its value to the parameter file
ftleapsec - Calculate number of leap seconds at requested epoch
ftlist - List the contents of the input file
ftmeld - Merge (append) rows from multiple input tables into a single output table, more flexible than ftmerge
ftmerge - Merge rows from multiple input tables into a single table
ftmergesort - Sort the rows in a very large FITS table
ftmgtime - Merge two or more GTI FITS files
ftpaste - Merge columns from 2 input tables into a single table
ftpixcalc - Combine FITS images
ftselect - Copy selected rows from the input table to a new table
ftselfjoin - Search for matching entries within a single table
ftsort - Sort rows in a table
ftstat - List statistics of images and tables
ftemplate - Create a FITS file from an ASCII template
ftverify - Check that a file conforms to the FITS format

Cross index between ftools and heatools tasks

   cphead    -> ftlist + fthedit
   faddcol   -> ftpaste
   fappend   -> ftappend
   fcalc     -> ftcalc
   fchecksum -> ftchecksum
   fcopy     -> ftcopy
   fcreate   -> ftcreate
   fdelcol   -> ftcopy
   fdelhdu   -> ftdelhdu
   fdelrow   -> ftdelrow
   fdiff     -> ftdiff
   fdump     -> ftlist
   fextract  -> ftcopy
   fhelp     -> fthelp
   fimgcreate-> ftimgcreate
   fimgdmp   -> ftlist
   fimgstat  -> ftstat
   fkeypar   -> ftkeypar
   fkeyprint -> ftlist
   fkeytab   -> ftkeypar + ftedit
   flcol     -> ftlist
   flist     -> ftlist
   fmemsort  -> ftsort
   fmerge    -> ftmerge
   fmodcomm  -> fthedit
   fmodhead  -> fthedit
   fmodtab   -> ftedit
   fparkey   -> fthedit
   fpartab   -> ftedit
   fselect   -> ftselect
   fsort     -> ftsort
   fstatistic-> ftstat
   fstruct   -> ftlist
   ftabcopy  -> ftcopy
   ftabkey   -> ftlist + fthedit
   ftabpar   -> ftlist
   fverify   -> ftverify
   mgtime    -> ftmgtime