makefilter - Create a filter file from Housekeeping files.




This task reads in the input HK files, merges and sorts HK parameters according to the order of time, and outputs a combined filter file. This tool should be used prior to running maketime if the HK parameters are scattered in multiple HK files. In this case, the maketime should use the output filter file from makefilter as the input HK file.

The HK parameters are specified in a configuration file. This configuration file can be a ASCII file or FITS file. Its filename is given as the "configure" parameter in the parameter file. There are seven columns in this configuration file: the parameter name, the HK file suffix(the prefix is provided in the par file), the extension, interpolation method, calibration method, output parameter name, and comments for the corresponding TTYPEn keyword in the output filter file. The interpolation method is used when the value of a specific parameter is not present in a time stamp; the calibration method is applied when you need to do some simple numerical manipulations on the input HK parameters. Currently, the default of the interpolation method is set to copy the last known value of that parameter. However, The calibration method hasn't been implemented yet. For the output parameter name, if you supply the "%", it will be the same as the name of input parameter. Here is an example of an item of the configuration file:


configure [filename]
The filename of the configuration file.
infileroot [filename]
The prefix of input HK files. Combining with the HK file suffix, it gives the full name of the HK filename. If it is empty, the full names of HK file will be specified in the configuration file.
outfile [filename]
The output filter file.
(leapsec = ) [filename]
The leapsec file (Not implemented yet).
(tprec = 0.001) [ real ]
The leapsec file (Not implemented yet).
(mission = "astroe") [string]
The mission name (Not used).


1. Generate a filter file "filter.test" using the HK file series "19990820*" and configuration file "config.file".

    ft>	makefilter config.file 19990820 filter.test


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September 2003