pointxform from=<system> x=<value> y=<value>


This tool converts coordinates between systems.

pointxform transforms coordinates from an input coordinate system to one or more output coordinate systems.

By default, input coordinates are in the system defined in the telescope definition file for the from parameter . Input coordinates can be in the corresponding world system if the fromworld parameter is true.

Coordinate system names must match one of the telescope definition COORDn keyword values.


from [string]
Input coordinate system.

to [string]
Output coordinate system(s) as a comma-delimited string. The special value ALL results in conversions to all coordinate systems given in the telescope definition file.

teldeffile [filename]
Telescope definition file.

alignfile [filename]
Calibration file giving conversion from spacecraft body frame to attitude library convention. Required for transforms involving SKY coordinates.

attfile [filename]
Attitude file or NONE. An attitude file is required for transformations involving SKY coordinates. If none is provided, a constant attitude file will be created based on the ra, dec and roll parameters (but beware that is error-prone).

ra [real]
Right ascension [deg]. See also attfile parameter.

dec [real]
Declination [deg]. See also attfile parameter.

roll [real]
Roll [deg]. See also attfile parameter.

(time = 0) [real]
Time at which to read the attitude file.

(fromworld = no) [boolean]
Treat x and y parameters as being in world coordinates?

(cleanup = no) [boolean]
Remove temporary files?

(chatter = 1) [enumerated integer]
Standard HEAdas chatter parameter.


The following example illustrates running pointxform converting certain RAW x and y value to all coordinate systems defined in the telescope definition file:

      pointxform from=RAW x=123.3 y=503.1 \
              teldef=teldef.fits align=align.fits attfile=attitude.fits



March 2005