sdss2xsp - Creates spectra and response files for XSPEC from an SDSS spectral file.


sdss2xsp infile phafile rspfile clobber


This tool reads an SDSS spectral FITS file (infile) and writes out a standard PHA file (phafile) and RSP file (rspfile) which can be used in XSPEC. The SDSS spectral FITS files can be obtained using the SkyServer Quick Look tool. The spectrum created has a QUALITY column based on the or_mask column of the input file and a STAT_ERR column based on the inverse_variance column. Wavelengths and fluxes are converted to standard XSPEC units.

The response file created assumes for the SDSS spectrometer a resolution which varies linearly between 1850 at 3800 angstroms and 2200 at 9200 angstroms. For the BOSS spectrometer it assumes a resolution which varies linearly from 1560 at 3700 angstroms to 2270 at 6000 angstroms (blue camera) then from 1850 at 6000 angstroms to 2650 at 9000 angstroms (red camera). The tool determines which spectrometer has been used by reading the PLATEID keyword and using the fact that the BOSS spectrometer has been used for all plates after 3510.


infile [filename]
The name of the input SDSS FITS file.

phafile [filename]
The name of the output PHA file.

rspfile [filename]
The name of the output RSP file.

clobber [bool]
If clobber = yes then overwrite the output files if a file of the appropriate name already exists.




Nov 2012