sprbnarf -- Rebins an ARF.


sprbnarf infile binfact outfile


This tool compresses a FITS ARF array in energy-space. It is intended to be used in parallel with the energy-binning option of rbnrmf. The default operating mode is to bin up by the factor given by the binfact parameter. If the hidden parameter binfile is set then an ascii file will be read to get the binning factor(s).


infile [filename]
Input ARF filename.

(binfile) [filename]
An ascii file comprising a list of energy bin ranges and compression factors eg the line I I+N-1 2 will cause the N energy bins starting at I to be compressed into N/2 bins. The first bin number is 1. Each triplet of numbers should be on a separate line and they should be in increasing order of bin number. The ranges need not be contiguous.

binfact [integer]
The compression factor eg if binfact=2 and the input ARF has N energy bins then the output ARF will have N/2 energy bins. If the binfile parameter has been set then this parameter is not required.

outfile [filename]
Output ARF filename.

(chatter = 3) [enumerated integer]
Standard HEAdas chatter parameter (1-5) controlling the verbosity of the task.

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Standard HEAdas clobber parameter; controls whether an existing output file may be overwritten.

(history = yes) [boolean]
Standard HEAdas history parameter; controls whether the runtime parameter values should be written in block of HISTORY keywords in the output file.


March 2008