swiftround - perform rounding on a multi-extension FITS file


swiftround infile=<filename> outfile=<filename> round=<real>


This tool will round the value of each pixel in each image extension of the input file using the factor given by the round parameter. The effect is that pixel values in output images are multiples of the round parameter.

Each output pixel value will is given by the expression:

		output = round(input*factor)/factor

The structure of the output file will match the structure of the input file. Pixels in image HDUs will be rounded while table HDUs will be copied unchanged.


infile [filename]
Input filename.

outfile [filename]
Output filename. In order to overwrite an existing file, use the clobber parameter.

round [real]
Rounding factor. The output pixels take values which are multiples of this value within the constraints of the BITPIX.

(bitpix = 0) [int]
FITS output image BITPIX or 0 to determine based on input image BITPIX and round parameter.

(force = no) [boolean]
Apply rounding to HDUs which have already been rounded as indicated by the SWROUND keyword.

(checksum = yes) [boolean]
Recalculate HDU checksums in output file?

(history = yes) [boolean]
If true, write parameter history to the primary HDU of the output file.

(cleanup = yes) [boolean]
If true, intermediate files will be removed.

(chatter = 1) [enumerated integer]
Standard HEAdas chatter parameter. A range of 0 to 5 is enforced by the min and max fields in the parameter file.

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Standard HEAdas clobber parameter. If true, the output file will be overwritten.


The following examples illustrate running swiftround

1. run swiftround prompting for options

2. run swiftround specifying the input, output and rounding factor on the command line:

      swiftround infile=images.fits outfile=rounded.fits round=0.01




November 2007