uvotimage - creates UVOT level 2 images


uvotimage infile=@<filename>


Make UVOT SKY images from RAW images and/or EVENTs. One image is generated for every UVOT exposure, regardless of the mode (image or event). For exposures taken in image mode, uvotimage transforms raw images to sky coordinates using the attitude file and the appropriate telescope definition/alignment (teldef) file. For exposures taken in event mode, sky images are made directly from the event X, Y (RA and Dec) values in the event file. UVOTIMAGE is used in the Swift pipeline to iterate over raw UVOT image and event files to create Level 2 image files.


infile [filename]
Name of input image or event file(s). This can be a comma-delimited list of file names or @<file> where <file> contains the names of the files to process, one per line.

prefix [string]
Prefix for output files.

attfile [filename]
Input attitude file.

teldeffile [filename]
Telescope definition calibration file or CALDB.

alignfile [filename]
Alignment file or CALDB.

ra [real]
Nominal R.A. (degrees)

dec [real]
Nominal Dec. (degrees)

roll [real]
Nominal roll. (degrees)

(catfile = NONE) [filename]
UVOT exposure catalog or NONE.

(flatfield = no) [boolean]
Perform flat fielding? Not implemented.

(trackfile = NONE) [file]
Aspect following file or NONE.

(badpixlist = CALDB) [file]
Bad pixel list of CALDB.

(flatfile = CALDB) [file]
Flat field or CALDB.

(mod8corr = no) [boolean]
Perform modulo 8 noise correction?

(refattopt = NONE) [string]
Conditions under which to use reference attitude instead of sampled attitude. refattopt is passed through swiftxform to minnow. See the minnow documentation of the options parameter for details.

(badpix = no) [boolean]
Make bad pixel maps?

(flagqual = no) [boolean]
Make quality maps?

(keepcorr = no) [boolean]
Keep corrected raw files? If true, the mod-8 noise and flat fielded files will be kept.

(cleanup = yes) [boolean]
Remove intermediate files?

(history = yes) [boolean]
Write history keywords?

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Overwrite existing files?

(chatter = 1) [enumerated integer]
Standard HEAdas chatter parameter.


The following examples illustrate running uvotimage

1. run uvotimage

      uvotimage infile=@files prefix=Q teldeffile=CALDB alignfile=CALDB



February 2021