IXPE Specific Tasks:

ixpeadjmod - Remove spurious modulation of IXPE event files
ixpeaspcorr (Python) - Correct for residual aspect errors
ixpecalcfov (Python) - Calculate a map of the nominal sky FOV for each detector
ixpecalcarf (Python) - Corrects an on-axis ARF or MRF file for off-axis vignetting and extraction radius
ixpecalcstokes - Calculate the Stokes parameters of IXPE event files
ixpedet2j2000 (Python) - Transform event positions & Stokes parameters from detector to sky coordinates
ixpechrgcorr (Python) - Apply the charging correction for IXPE event files
ixpeeventviewer (Python) - Display images of raw event tracks with the event barycenter, absorption point, and initial electron direction overlaid
ixpeevtrecon - Reconstruct events of IXPE event files
ixpeexpmap (Python) - Create an exposure map from aspect solution data
ixpegaincorrpkmap - Calculate PI column values of IXPE event files
ixpegaincorrtemp - Calculate PHA_T column values of IXPE event files
ixpeinterptemp (Python) - Fills temperature data gaps in an IXPE Level 1 DU housekeeping file using linear interpolation over gaps less than a given maximum duration
ixpemkevt2gti (Python) - Combines event, housekeeping, and attitude time intervals into the GTI for Level 2 Event files
ixpeplot_polarization (Python) - Plots Stokes parameters and MDP99 from ixpepolarization output
ixpepolarization (Python) - Calculate Stokes parameters for a user-defined region
ixpeweights - Calculate event-by-event weights of IXPE event files
ixpeversion - Report IXPE software version