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New ASCA GIS RTI file (valid for 1994 Feb 10 - Apr 08 GIS3 datasets)

          New ASCA Calibration File in the CALDB

A new "RTI" file for the ASCA GIS has recently been installed in the OGIP
caldb at NASA/GSFC: 

This dataset is has been computed for use with 128 channel PHA datasets,
produced by GIS3 during the period 1994 Feb 10 - Apr 08 (due to a problem
with the onboard CPU). This dataset therefore compliments similar files in
the above location, but which are valid for 256 & 1024 (normal) channel PHA

The datasets can be used to reject GIS background events based on their
invariant rise-time values. Further details regarding the use of this file
by FTOOLS/XSELECT will be circulated to GOs by the ASCA GOF. 

Ian M George