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new Caldb software

The recently released version of the ftools software contains new versions
of the Caldb maintenance and access software.  This includes the tasks
crcif, udcif, and quzcif.  For complete details on how these tasks now
function, please read their updated help pages.

Of particular note are the following features:

 o  The Caldb is now using an 18 column index file.  (The column 'DETNAM'
was added.)  The task crcif generates an 18 column index file compatible
with udcif and quzcif.  Any existing index files generated with older
versions of crcif should be removed.  This means that you'll have to
reindex your Database using the latest version of udcif.

 o  The Caldb no longer requires that there be only one quality = 0 dataset
for every type of dataset.  If, when indexing your data, another dataset is
found which is valid for the same conditions, you can force udcif to index
your data with quality = 0.  Just answer 'no' to the prompts:

        Edit the conflicting dataset's quality value():
        Edit the quality value of the dataset being indexed():

 o The Caldb maintenance and access software is now capable of interpreting
Calibration Boundary values.  (i.e. CBDnXXXX keyword values).  This should
make it possible to index all exitsing calibration files.  Access to these
files is somewhat limited, but improvements are planned.  Please see the
quzcif help page for details.

If you have any problems with this software please contact me at:

e-mail:         zellar@timaeus.gsfc.nasa.gov
phone:          301 286-3636 (USA)

all the best,


Note to ASCA Database Administrators:

The GIS and SIS response matrices along with the GIS Rise-time Boundary
files do not have proper sets of calibration keywords.  If you attempt to
index these datasets, you will find that non-existant conflicts arise, and
that quzcif cannot properly distinguish them.  These files will be fixed
shortly and reissued.  Until then, please do not attempt to index these