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In a message to ASCAGOF on 26-FEB-1995 11:11:48 I promised to forward the 
list of current recipients of the ASCACALDB e-mail exploder:

Here is the current list of non-concealed subscribers:

ALLAN@VELA.DSRI.DK                               Ahornstrup
MORTEN@COPERNICUS.DSRI.DK                        Ahornstrup
JULO@STAR.LE.AC.UK                               Julianosborne
RMJ@MAIL.AST.CAM.AC.UK                           Roderick
PN@MAIL.AST.CAM.AC.UK                            Nandra
DAW@MAIL.AST.CAM.AC.UK                           Dwhite
ITOH@ASTRO.ISAS.AC.JP                            Itoh
FRH@CFA235.HARVARD.EDU                           Frharnden
XANADU@HEAD-CFA.HARVARD.EDU                      Xanaduheadcfa
ALDCROFT@GARTH.HARVARD.EDU                       Tomaldcroft
GBC@SPACE.MIT.EDU                                Geoffreycrew
GEORGE@OBERON.GSFC.NASA.GOV                      Imgtest
ZELLAR@TIMAEUS.GSFC.NASA.GOV                     Ronz
GEORGE@LHEAVX.GSFC.NASA.GOV                      George
Total number of subscribers: 14 (14 shown here)

... On reflection, given the geographical distribution, it looks as if 
this may not have been advertised widely enough - very interesting that 
excluding Ron & myself, the current score is USA-4, UK-4, Denmark-2, Japan-1
HOWEVER, again I repeat that this exploder is really intended for 
(a single ?) "CALDB manager" at each remote sites.