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RE: Two new ASCA XRT .... IMPORTANT CORRECTION to message of 1996 Feb 26

Due to a slight mis-understanding between the Instrument Teams and ASCA GOF 
concerning version numbers, the two calibration files 
relating to the ASCA XRT effective area & PSF were prematurely delivered to 
the CALDB and announced on this exploder on 1996 Feb 26. These datasets 
DO NOT represent the latest calibrations to be used by GOs, and if they 
have been copied, should be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. 
An updated PSF dataset (with a different name & content to the above file)
will be available in the near future.

We all apologise for any confusion which may have been caused by this mix-up. 

Ian M George

PS: Local GSFC Users should note that our XRT CIFs will still contain these 
    files until they can be repaired early next week. Thus the access s/w 
    may return incorrect results - sorry