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Preventing ASCAARF (FTOOLS v3.5) Core dumping

As mentioned in the announcement of the ASCA patch to FTOOLS (v3.5)
on 1996 Jul 15, the ASCA GOF at NASA/GSFC has determined that the 
the "old" XRT effective area dataset (xrt_ea_v1_1.fits) should no longer 
be used (it has been superceded by xrt_ea_v2_0.fits).

IF your users are using ASCAARF with the CALDB option, AND you have both 
files flagged as "GOOD" in your local XRT CIF (which will be the case 
if you have copied/mirrored the CALDB at NASA/GSFC), THEN a core dump may 

The CIFs at NASA/GSFC will be "corrected" to prevent this happening within
the next 12hrs (and I will post another message when this has been verifed)
However, as a temporary measure to enable ASCAARF to be run immediately, 
you can take the following action:

 A) Go to the location where the ASCA XRT CIF is located
      If you mimic the structure of the CALDB at NASA/GSFC, this is
      If you have a different structure, run the FTOOL CALDBINFO as 
	unix> caldbinfo chatter=20
	Name of Mission[ASCA] ASCA
	Name of Instrument[XRT1] XRT1
		{o/p deleted}	
	 ......... Cal Index File: {location & name of your CIF}
	 ... Local CALDB appears to be set-up & accessible
	 ** caldbinfo 1.0.1 completed successfully
 B) Simply remove the entry in the CIF making a temporary file, using the 
    FTOOL FSELECT as follows:
	unix> fselect
	Name of FITS file and [ext#][caldb.indx]
	Name of output FITS file[test.out]
	Selection Expression[CAL_FILE.ne.'xrt_ea_v1_1.fits']
 C) Rename the temporary file back to "caldb.indx"
	unix> cp test.out caldb.indx

We apologise for the problem, and the inelegance of this patch (the next 
release of FTOOLS will contain a task dedicated to fixing CIFs).

As ever, please e-mail 
if you have problems/questions.

Ian M George