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OGIP/93-013 - A list of standard strings for HE missions,instruments & filters.

HEA FITS gurus

At a recent OGIP FITS Working Group (OFWG) meeting, the panel made a 
preliminary recommendation ("p15.1") that a set of standard strings be 
employed to specify the mission, instrument (+sub-instrument) and filter 
in use in a given FITS dataset. In most cases these strings would of course be 
used in conjuncture with the TELESCOP, INSTRUME & FILTER keywords.

(The start of) a list of such standard strings has been constructed by 
George & Angelini, based upon comments received from within the OGIP & SAO.
This is available in the form of an OGIP Memo from anonymous ftp on 
legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov as

	caldb/docs/memos/ogip_93_013.ps			(Postscript)

We would welcome any comments or additions from the community - especially 
if the proposed strings will cause insurmountable problems to existing s/w.
We hope that most members of the High Energy community agree that it 
would be highly desirable if such a list of standards were adopted 
community-wide as soon as possible. As usual, comments of community-wide
interest should be posted to HEAFITS.

Ian M George      	(george@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov)
Lorella Angelini  	(angelini@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov)