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Re: SAX LEGSPC FITS keywords

William Pence wrote:
.I've had a quick look at this document and am pleased to see that
.SAX is attempting to adopt many of the same conventions previously
.used in the ROSAT and ASCA FITS files. This should make it much
.easier for multimission analysis software like Xspec to read the
.SAX data once it is available.  Here are a few detailed comments.

	Just to avoid any misunderstanding, the FITS keywords I've
circulated are planned be used, for the moment, for the in-house
processing of SAX LEGSPC data by the ESA/ESTEC team (who built the
instrument). What the other SAX instrument groups will do in terms of
data processing and data formats, and in what format will GOs receive
their SAX data are at the moment still subject to discussion.

	Thanks for the comments, I will give them a thought and answer
to your questions.

		Fabio Favata

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