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Re: SAX LEGSPC FITS keywords

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> following Bill Pence comments, here are some new questions. I hope
> this discussion is of general enough interest. Should it be moved to
> "private e-mail" please let me know.
> .Can you add a DATAMODE keyword?  Is this what SETUPID is used for?
> 	I don't see any problem. We got DATAMODE from the ROSAT FITS.
> Does it mean that SETUPID is obsolete?
> .What do the RAW_X and RAW_Y keywords mean?
> 	Raw detector coordinates, that is, not corrected in any way.
> Again from ROSAT FITS files. Are they obsolete, too?
> 		fabio
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Actually, in the RDF BASIC file for the ROSAT PSPC, we have the following 2 keywords:

 RAWX    =                    F / RAW X coordinates not supplied                 
 RAWY    =                    F / RAW Y coordinates not supplied  

As to SETUPID, that was a keyword needed for processing the WFC data
and is not really used for the X-ray data.

Mike Corcoran
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771