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I have just read some of the old comments on the use of the 
TELESCOP-keyword to denote the name of the mission, and I've 
also found it to be rather badly chosen.

I have a suggestion that might easy the pain:

1:	Introduction of a new keyword (OBSERVAT and SATELLIT
	have been suggested, MISSION could perhaps be used as

2:	The value given to this keyword should be identical 
	to the value given to the TELESCOP-keyword.

	Thus, you could have:


This would be a soft introduction to a new keyword denoting
the mission, and would not interfere with old software.

A suggestion for the next step: iff the SATELLIT-keyword is
present, then TELESCOP denotes telescope, INSTRUME detector
and so on, and iff SATELLIT is not present, then the old 
usage prevails. I'm not sure whether this kind of scheme is
used at all when dealing with FITS-files. It's not trouble-
free, but I guess, that programs to read FITS-files change 
whereas the old FITS-files from completed missions keep 
their format. The above would complicate software-develope-
ment but would not put demands on the format of old FITS-files.

Comments are invited.

Best regards to all:

Morten Krabbe Barfoed

Danish Space Research Institute		phone:	+45 42 88 22 77	(switch-board)
Gl. Lundtoftevej 7			phone:	+45 45 87 40 77 - 161 (direct)
DK 2800 Lyngby				FAX:	+45 45 93 02 83
Denmark					TELEX:	37 198

					e-mail:	morten@dsri.dk