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Commenting on my earlies suggestion, Clive Page writes:

. I'd support the suggestion of Morten Krabbe Barfoed that the original
. 'TELESCOP' keyword is a bit inadequate for complex space missions. But
. perhaps I can point out that his example is a bit ill-chosen precisely
. because you DO need three different keywords in this case.  ROSAT has two
. telescopes: the Wide Field Camera (WFC) [from the UK] and the X-ray
. Telescope (XRT) from Germany, the latter with two detectors (PSPC and
. HRI).  Thus to specify your observation completely you would need
. something like:
. 	TELESCOP='XRT     '
. 	....

Well, perhaps I've expressed myself badly. I simply used an RDF-file
taken from the legacy-server. That file contains among other things 
the following keywords:


The essence of the suggestion is the introduction of a new keyword, 
that contains the same information as the TELESCOP-keyword, without 
altering the usage of the TELESCOP-keyword. The result would be:


- not changing the current description of mission, telescope, detectors
and so on, only adding one keyword, that contains redundant information.

Best regards:

Morten Krabbe Barfoed

Danish Space Research Institute		phone:	+45 42 88 22 77	(switch-board)
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Denmark					TELEX:	37 198

					e-mail:	morten@dsri.dk