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OFWG Recommendation R12 - Standard strings for Missions, Instruments etc

At a meeting on 1994 Jul 06, the OGIP FITS Working Group (OFWG) discussed 
the "Great TELESCOP" debate recently carried out on HEAFITS. 

It was the consensus of the panel that whilst the introduction of 
a new (more 'rational' ?!) FITS keyword convention for specifying the 
mission/observatory, telescope, detector etc to which a dataset refered
had many merits, too many FITS datasets have already been written to 
write-once media for the current TELESCOP = 'mission' to be changed, and
that a mixture of conventions would lead to confusion. 

Therefore (with some regrets), the OFWG voted that the document listing 
all OFWG-recommended keywords & values (memo OGIP/93-013) should NOT be 
changed at this (late) stage. The OFWG then raised its earlier preliminary 
recommendation, p15.1, that the OGIP/93-013 memo ought to be strictly adhered 
to within OGIP FITS files, to a full recommendation.

OFSP Recommendation R12
	| On the adoption of standard strings to specify mission,|
	|	instruments and filters				 |
					 (OFSP Vote: 1994 Jul 06)

The OFSP recommends that the strings listed in OGIP Memo OGIP/93-013 
be adopted to by the High Energy community to describe the mission, 
instrument & filters in use for a given dataset.

This memo can be obtained via the Legacy anonymous ftp account as
     /FTP/fits_info/fits_formats/docs/general/ogip_93_013.tex   (LaTeX source)
     /FTP/fits_info/fits_formats/docs/general/ogip_93_013.ps 	(PS)

----------------------------------- END ---------------------------------- 
Ian M George 					
1994 Jul 11