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HEAFITS mail exploder

To all subscribers of the HEAFITS mail exploder:

This is a reminder that the HEAFITS mail list is still active and may
be used to communicate information related to data formats used within
the high energy astrophysics community.  There is no strict charter for
what topics may be discussed within the HEAFITS group, but in general,
its purpose is to promote the development of standards for FITS files
containing data related to high energy astrophysics.  Topics of
particular interest are:

 - proposed FITS formats for data from new astrophysical missions

 - proposals for new FITS keyword conventions or FITS table
   structures for different clases of high energy data files.

To send a message to the members of this group, e-mail should be
addressed to: heafits@legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov

Anyone else may join this mail list by sending a message to
listserv@legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov in which the body of the mail message
contains one line with the following text:

subscribe heafits Your Name

where 'Your Name' is obviously your own first and last name.  To
unsubscribe to the group, send a message to the the same address with
the line:

unsubscribe heafits

Bill Pence