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New ROSAT PSPCC Calibration File in the OGIP CALDB

    New ROSAT PSPCC Calibration File available in the OGIP CALDB

The following file is now available in

  pspcc_v1.spec_resp	- "Spectral response" for PSPCC (version 1)
			  729 energies vs 14 off-axis angles
			  consisting of the product of the
			  - XRT effective area:        {UNKNOWN}
			  - PSPC gas efficiency:       pspc_v1.gas_eff
			  - PSPCC window transmission: pspcc_v1.wind_trans
			  in OGIP-standard format

This file compliments and completes the set of calibration files announced 
via ROSATCALDB on 1994 Sep 22.

Ian M George