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ROSAT PSPC Al-K Event Files available within the HEASARC CALDB

A set of new files for the ROSAT PSPC are now available in the HEASARC 
Calibration Database (ie via anonymous ftp from heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov). 
The datasets are located in the directory:


and consist of standard Event Files for data collected during the 
onboard Al-K calibration observations. 

   Users should be aware that whilst these datasets are useful to enable
   checks of various aspects of the PSPC gain as a function of time, 
   they are NOT CURRENTLY REQUIRED as part of a user's standard data 
   analysis & reduction. 

There are currently 120 files available, each of 1.2 Mb. If disk-space is a
concern, Local Caldb Managers may wish not to copy these datasets. If they 
are copied, these datasets should be marked as good in all CIFs. 

Ian M George