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FTOOLS v3.6 now available from the HEASARC

	FTOOLS v3.6 now available from the HEASARC

The latest distribution of the FTOOLS package is now available via the 
WWW at the URL 

For those of you who actively maintain a Caldb at your home site, the 
following major changes have been made to the tasks in the CALTOOLS 
   caldbool  - has been WITHDRAWN (functionality taken over by caldbflag)
   caldbflag - a new task which enables certain values in a CIF to be 
The following general utilities within the CALTOOLS pckage have had major 
bugs fixed: 
   marfrmf   - Multiplies an ancillary response file by a redist matrix 
   rbnrmf    - Rebins a redist matrix file
and a number of other tasks have had minor updates. Further information 
concerning the CALTOOLS tasks (incl bugs etc) is available via at:

PLEASE NOTE: all problems associated with the installation and running of
FTOOLS v3.6 should be sent to:

Ian M George