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XTENEWS#7: The XTE GOF requests user feedback

                    NRA Info Feedback Requested                   
XTENEWS#7                                           12th June 1995

While the memories of XTE proposal submission are still clear in your
mind, we'd be interested to hear any comments you may have on the
presentation and content of the documentation we provided in the
Appendices to the NRA and in the FTP and WWW areas. Your feedback will
help us to make future NRA information easier to understand and use.

So, with this in mind, please tell us: what did you like and dislike
about the materials we provided? Were there things you really needed
to know that were not easy to find? What did you have the most trouble
understanding?  What sections of the hardcopy and online documentation
did you use the most? Were our examples appropriate and helpful?

Even brief notes, e.g. "Not enough explanation of use of GoodXenon
modes for faint sources" would be useful. Please send your comments
to me at alan@rosserv.gsfc.nasa.gov.


	- Alan Smale

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