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XTENEWS: RXTE GO Archive Opens

                           RXTE GO Archive Opens 

The RXTE data from proprietary observations performed in AO-1 and AO-2
of the mission are now starting to go public. We're happy to announce
their availability in the RXTE Archive.

To find out what data are available, please go to the RXTE GOF
homepage at http://rxte.gsfc.nasa.gov/. Click on the "Archive" button,
and follow the link to "RXTE Public Data" to find the Public Data Web
tool.  This will allow you to find out when data for particular
objects of interest are going public, or simply what data are going
public in any given month.

For complete instructions on how to retrieve public data, and what to
do with it, look next at the instructions under the "Archive"/"How to
access the RXTE Archive" link.

Please note the following:

* RXTE data will go public on an obsID basis, based on the date when
the tape containing that obsID was mailed to the original PI.  Thus,
not all the parts of a given proposal will necessarily go public at
the same time, particularly in the case of large proposals or
long-term monitoring campaigns.

* The RXTE data currently going public are a mix of AO-1 and AO-2
observations.  The standard proprietary period for RXTE data is twelve
months from the date of receipt by the PI. However, due to
reprocessing activities, the proprietary period for data taken before
1996 December 16 has been extended by NASA HQ to six months after
receipt of the _reprocessed_ data tape.

* RXTE data will be released into the archive on a weekly basis.
Observations newly turning public before 12:01a.m. on a given Saturday
will be available (i) the following Monday, for anonymous FTP access;
(ii) Tuesday, for W3BROWSE access.

* RXTE datasets may be larger than you are accustomed to, and response
may be slow at peak times. Please ensure you have sufficient disk
space for the transfers, and try to plan your data retrieval to avoid
times of heavy network traffic.

Any questions? Send Email to:

              ** xtehelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov **

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