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Improved RXTE Analysis Tools in HEAsoft5.0.4 Patch

                    New HEAsoft5.0.4 Patch Released

    We would like to announce the release of FTOOLS patch HEAsoft5.0.4, 
which includes tools for improved timing and spectral analysis of RXTE
data. All RXTE analysts should install this patch.

*  The response matrix tools PCARSP and PCARMF have been revamped with
improved energy-to-channel information and a better treatment of known
features near 6 and 35 keV, and can now generate response matrices
incorporating the gain change in PCU0 for data obtained after the loss
of the propane layer in May 2000.  

    (New background models, taking account of the changes in PCU0,
should be available soon. We also remind users that when analyzing
data obtained since May 2000, they should filter on ELECTRON2 rather
than ELECTRON0 when performing their data selections.)

* The barycenter-correction routine FXBARY has been replaced by the
more accurate and precise FAXBARY module. FXBARY became obsolete on
December 31, 2000 when its ephemeris expired. The new code includes a
more precise determination of the solar system barycenter, incorporates 
the fine clock corrections, and adds a correction for intrinsic 
instrumental delays (16 microsec for the PCA, 1 microsec for HEXTE).
These corrections improve the absolute time calibration from ~60 microsec
to ~5-8 microsec.

    Further information on these items can be found on the Web in the
HEAsoft5.0.4 Release Notes, the PCA Digest, and the new Timing Digest,
all of which can be accessed via the headline on the RXTE GOF
homepage at


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