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RXTE Proposals Due: Nov 21st

                  RXTE Cycle 8 Due-Date Looms

Just a friendly reminder that the due date for submission of 
RXTE Cycle 8 proposals is now less than two weeks away ...

               ** Thursday, November 21st, 2002 **

Cycle 8 will cover observations to be carried out in the interval
beginning around March 1, 2003, and lasting for twelve months.  And,
Guest Investigator funding has been reestablished for RXTE Cycle 8.

*** You may propose for RXTE Cycle 8 even if you did not submit a
Notice of Intent to Propose. The RXTE GOF and NASA HQ will not reject
proposals for which no corresponding NOI has been received, nor will
such proposals be at a disadvantage in the Peer Review. ***

While I've got your attention: we'll be holding the RXTE Peer Review
on Feb 3-4, 2003. If you'd like to volunteer to serve on the Peer
Review panel, please send us mail at peer_review@rosserv.gsfc.nasa.gov.
The minimum qualifications for consideration as a reviewer are a pulse
and a PhD.

More details on how to propose for Cycle 8 can be found at:

RXTE Cycle 8 Guest Observer Information Page:     

NASA HQ Research Announcement:
     (select "Research Solicitations" menu)

And, as always, any questions about the submission process should be
directed to the the RXTE Guest Observer Facility at


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