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XTENEWS migration: you must subscribe to continue getting xtenews!

*** XTE News E-mail migration: subscribe to continue! ***

If you have already successfully subscribed to the new xtenews list, you may
delete this message. We apologize for the extra email.

Last week we sent out a message and invitation asking you to migrate
to the new NASA list system, in order to continue receiving xtenews
e-mail. Many people had problems resubscribing with an updated email address.

If you would like to subscribe to xtenews, you can do so at:


If you would like to subscribe to several of Goddard's High Energy
Astrophysics mission exploders, including xtenews, you can do so at:


* N.B. On the news.html page, please only check one box at a time and
  use your browser's back button to subscribe to the next list.

If you have any questions or problems, send them to the XTE helpline via
our on-line feedback form:


Thanks very much,

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