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[XTEnews]: RXTE in Inertial Hold on IGR J17511-3057 due to Spacecraft Anomaly

At 13:35 UT on September 21, while observing the target PSR J1811-1925,
RXTE disabled slews when an on-board monitoring system noticed
repeated anomalous voltage readings. An initial investigation by
the flight operations team (FOT) and supporting engineers determined
that the spacecraft was in a safe, stable condition, and that the
anomaly was unlikely to be due to actual changes in the voltage.
Based on these findings a short maneuver was done to point to the
target IGR J17511-3057 at 21:48 UT, and slews were then disabled
by the FOT. Engineers are investigating the root cause of the
anomalous readings and discussing possible strategies for resuming
operations. Currently RXTE remains in a safe, stable condition with
slews disabled and is likely to continue to observe only IGR J17511-3057 
for at least the next several days.