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[XTEnews]: RXTE status update

Dear Colleagues,

As you likely know, there is a possibility that the US government will
shutdown soon due to the lack of a budget or continuing resolution
bill being passed by the Congress.  If this happens the shutdown would
commence at 12:00 am April 9, and it is likely that significant
disruptions to NASA services and operations would result.  The full
impact to RXTE science operations is not known at this time, but you
should expect at a minimum to see some disruption in normal
operations.  Possible impacts include:

1) inability to react to TOO requests.

2) cessation of normal data processing.

3) disruption in data distribution and availability.

4) dramatically reduced observing schedule.

5) loss of normal email and RXTE website communication services.

We of course hope that a shutdown is averted, but these events are
beyond our control.  This message is simply a notice to the community
to expect some level of disruption should a shutdown occur.


Tod  (for the RXTE team)

Tod Strohmayer            voice: 301-286-1256
Code 662, NASA/GSFC         fax: 301-286-1684
Greenbelt, MD 20771       email: tod.strohmayer@nasa.gov